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A sample of the various artworks from Box Art to Billboards to Roars for different shows focusing on clear communication driving engagement with Netflix users. For example, the Black Mirror box art featuring the cracked device was rated one of the highest clicked on images for the season.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.22.01
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.52.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 3.35.57 PM.png

Mudbound Box Art | Netflix

Black Mirror Box Art | Netflix

Black Mirror Box Art | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.55.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 2.44.20 PM.png

Joe Mande Box Art | Netflix

Black Mirror Box Art | Netflix

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.57.53
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.53.19

Chris D'Elia Man On Fire Box Art | Netflix

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.55.07

First Team Juventus Box Art | Netflix

Fastest Car Box Art | Netflix

Shot in the Dark Rotating Still | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.51.46 PM.png

Luna Petunia Box Art | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 3.26.20 PM.png

Luna Petunia Billboard | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 2.04.43 PM.png

Luna Petunia Rotating Still | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 11.44.30

Free Rein Billboard | Netflix

The Ranch Billboard | Netflix

Surviving Escobar Rotating Still | Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 2.06.55 PM.png

Arrested Development Vertical Billboard | Netflix

Chris D'Elia Man on Fire Roar | Netflix

Grace and Frankie Roar | Netflix

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